No need to despair! We provide Tech Support in minutes!


    Providing fast and quality tech support is an integral part our service at Wave Tech. We maintain a fully staffed IT support desk ready to handle all of your technical issues. Our technology allows secure encrypted remote access to your systems, no matter where you're located. In fact, we currently support client locations all over the world.


    How do I contact your technical support staff?

    • •Call our support line directly at
    • 714-847-5945.
    • •E-mail our help desk by clicking here!
    • •Please be sure to put a brief description of your issue in the subject line and a detailed explanation along with your contact information in the message details.

    How do I contact emergency after hours IT support?

    Please call our main line at


    Leave your full contact information and a brief description of your issue with the attendant and our on-call engineer will call you back within 2 hours.


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