"The fact that you are always available to us is immensely appreciated.”

—Mark Weston, CEO Presidential World Wide Travel


“We have a lot of faith in Wave Tech’s knowledgeable and friendly technicians.”

—Michael Vetter, President, Malibu Designs


“Outrageous, J.R.! You and your team at Wave Tech., Incorporated are by far the best I.T. Professionals we have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

—Leo Villalobos, CFO, Charlie’s Pride Meats, Inc.


“They (Wave Tech., Incorporated) did a great job of planning the conversion (and identifying the unique challenges posed by our operations), then handled the changeover with minimal disruption to our staff. I would recommend them highly to anyone considering this type of conversion, or in need of IT services in general.”

 Doug Delanoy, Vice President, Brea Travel